About Us 

We are longtime connoisseurs of good furniture - because not all furniture is created equal. The attention to details, to the quality of the materials, to the creative genius of the designer that makes the difference from average to intriguing - this is what we are talking about.

The dedication and excitement in creating a home that looks and feels exactly as you desire is deeply shared by us, and is exactly why we strive to become a partner in helping you develop and achieve your interior design dreams.

To reach this goal, we have chosen the creativity that Italian designers and manufacturers have for making furniture that is exceptional in quality and aesthetics, becoming timeless classics.


We have created Vito Italia to bring finely-crafted and customizable Italian furniture within your reach. Our objective is to provide the best Italian furniture to your door, and all the support needed for it to be customized to your taste, so you will fall in love with it again and again for many years to come.

Two decades of experience in the furniture industry as manufacturers and retailers has allowed us to cultivate strong relationships with some of Italy’s most celebrated luxury furniture designers and manufacturers. These relationships enable us to provide exclusive designs and customization options including limitless fabric, finish, color, size, and style variations on our entire collection across brands. Please, ask. We will wow you. Promise.



We offer fabrics from Europe's finest fashion houses such as Missoni Home, Sonia Rykiel, Jim Thompson, Houles Fabric, Lelievre Paris, and Kirkby Design. We also carry premium Norwegian leather by tanners like Elmo Leather. Our manufacturing partners are both boutique houses and some of the most renowned builders of luxury furniture in Europe: Borzalino, Busnelli, Reflex, Missoni Home, and more.