The bed Beatrice has a structure that, thanks to the many and precise craftmanships, is precious and creates a solid impression. The headboard, divided into two panels, is equipped with a mechanism that allows adjusting in different positions: a cosy and comfortable innovation. Available with legs or in the storage version.



Well-known Italian designer, in the business since the Seventies in the Furniture field, he cooperates constantly with national and international Brands. For him “planning” means to interpret reality and observe needs and wishes, to take inspiration from emotions and suggestions. He is convinced that design is everywhere: in a rock, in a drop, in a smile, in a sound. The designer’s duty is to pick out these sources of inspiration, and interpreting them. His job has two directions: one is research, the other is daily experience. In other words: theory and practice. His creations are solid, aimed to satisfy the needs of the always changing ways of modern living, because social and cultural changes are continuously in evolution and trends more and more evanescent. His projects are characterized by clean design, care for details, and use of quality materials. He was capable of overcoming cultural and geographical barriers combining western pragmatism with sensitiveness typical of the East. Fully versatile consultant for several Companies in the furniture branch, he follows the whole creative process, from research and development to market strategy, from product selection to stand set-up, from exhibition layout to communication.