Bed & Breakfast (Bed) | Saba Italia

Bed & Breakfast is a sofa which becomes a comfortable bed simply by folding down the backrest.

Technical Info

Turning the sofa into a bed is particularly easy because the base is rectangular and runs horizontally on a finger-jointed mechanism to create the extra length needed. The Bed & Breakfast range comprises three elements: the sofa/double bed and the chaise long/single bed which is completed by a pouf (fixed element). The materials used for seat and backrest cushions provide a surprising effect when we sit down because, despite its rather severe look, Bed & Breakfast is unexpectedly soft and springy, the result of advanced research into new-generation materials which give maximum comfort with optimum resilience. The maxi throw cushions can be used full-length as a small quilt. Once they are refolded and fastened with two wooden frogs, they provide excellent back support.