Cinova 09 Loira

The Cinova 09 Loira enriches a bedroom elevated to peerless luxury with modern Italian furniture that evokes a refined sense of harmony and serenity while engendering a most pleasurable state of well-being.

modern Italian furniture

Denying conformity to unimaginative exactness, the bed exemplifies a simple yet impressive boldness characteristic of finely crafted, modern Italian bedroom/bedroom sets. The unembellished linear headboard and base invite, rather than distract from, the complementary enhancement of fine bed linens to create a bedscape that beckons calmative repose.

luxury furniture

Slim, gently tapered legs continue the uninterrupted linear presentation. When placed amidst the luxury furniture of a mid-century modern bedroom or any sleeping area adorned with with exceptional appointments, the Loira entices with effortless elan.


Design By Busnelli

Busnelli is a design house with a focus on innovative shapes and materials for seating. Their unique designs are largely free of traditional forms and expectations and often feature clean lines and exceptional craftsmanship.