Cinova 09 Sausalito

It is not surprising that the Cinova 09 Sausalito bed presents a wonderfully elegant beauty that rises effortlessly above the predictable bedscape: The headboard features a selection of fine goose feathers and duck feathers conferred the prestigious ASSOPIUMA label of quality assurance. The sculptural form of the bed presents linear simplicity while the unified composition of relief seams and enchanting buttons fashioned from real nacre imparts refined ornamentation.

modern Italian furniture

A most remarkable representation of modern Italian furniture, the Cinova 09 Sausalito bestows gracious drama to the mid-century modern bedroom, the luxury furniture collection of a sumptuous abode, or the pleasing guest house. Completely removable covers in fabric or leather allow for ease in care.


Design By Busnelli

Busnelli is a design house with a focus on innovative shapes and materials for seating. Their unique designs are largely free of traditional forms and expectations and often feature clean lines and exceptional craftsmanship.