Cinova 10 Valencia

Put to rest any thoughts that the mid-century modern bedroom must renounce regality and embrace banality. The Cinova 10 Valencia, a masterwork of modern Italian furniture, presents a sophisticated splendor that elevates the contemporary bedroom/bedroom sets with a glamorous elegance both notable and impressive.

modern Italian furniture

The bed is distinguished by a bold, elongated headboard available with or without quilting and upholstered in leather or fabric, as well as a side table with drawer that allows for containment of personal items or nocturnal reads. When presented in a sleeping area appointed with luxury furniture, the Cinova 10 Valencia exudes an aura of the exceptional and the lure of all things lovely.


Design By Busnelli

Busnelli is a design house with a focus on innovative shapes and materials for seating. Their unique designs are largely free of traditional forms and expectations and often feature clean lines and exceptional craftsmanship.