A Generously Grand Table

The Casanova 72 Special is a large, generous table that adds an extravagant footprint to your room. The 12 elegant legs handmade out of murano glass will leave every one of your guests in complete awe. This piece gives amazing vibes and positivity to everyone while leaving them in amazement.

Impress Every one Of Your Guests

Technical Info

A Dining table with base made up of 12 legs in handmade Murano glass transparent or pure-gold finish and of plinth in smoked mirror glass 35mm thick with bullnose beveled edges. Top in 15mm thick extra clear glass with 25mm bevel with perimetrical band with ‘bohème’ engravings as option.


Design By Reflex

Reflex is known for their exquisite glass and crystal pieces that reimagine the boundaries of beauty and technology. The first to use solid Murano glass as a base for their tables, the design group quickly gained a reputation for incredible, handcrafted quality and unique designs.