Large-size seats for handy and comfortable use. A very versatile system made up of plain, linear shapes. Ferruccio Laviani designs a line of seats for today’s homes with the absolute elegance of classic style. The cushions set causally on top overlap the continuous profile of the backrest to create different seat configurations. The seats project from the overall shape of the load bearing structures, protecting the base and emphasizing the comfort of the large seat surfaces. Large end elements to suit a sofa understood as a welcoming shelter to lie down in.


Design By Ferruccio Laviani

Born in 1960 in Cremona, Pietro Ferruccio Laviani is a company, industrial products and retail design artistic director. Since 1999 he designed for Dada and Molteni&C and made significant contributions to the construction of Molteni&C’s sofas and armchairs range. This contributions included the Hi-Cove, Hi-Bridge, Holiday and Freestyle, which are examples of functionality and the rigor of form. Laviani designed different kitchens for Dada, including Dial and Hi-Line, which were highlights of the company's last decades.