Cinova 09 Maine

Minimalism transformed into perfectionism: such is the sleek, unadorned presence of the Cinova 09 Maine bed. Renouncing the traditional and expected headboard with its rigorous lines, the bed reimagines the mid-century modern bedroom with luxury furniture that dares to elevate simplicity to the role of cynosure.

dynamic frame

A generously padded base creates a dynamic frame around the bed, allowing for the presentation of vibrant or subdued linens of varying hues, textures, patterns, or fabrics. The absence of a headboard allows the Maine bed to be positioned in the middle of the room as an original piece of Italian furniture.

Technical Info

The Cinova 09 Maine bed is made of multilayer and particle board, and it can be completely disassembled. The bed padding consists of C.F.C. free polyurethane foam and 100% polyester fiber. As is your preference, the bed can be raised or lowered in height owing to the adjustable slatted base. Additional features include a storage container and lifting mechanism. Covers with side splits or tightened are completely removable to allow for ease in care.


Design By Busnelli

Busnelli is a design house with a focus on innovative shapes and materials for seating. Their unique designs are largely free of traditional forms and expectations and often feature clean lines and exceptional craftsmanship.