Great for the nobility

The name of this collection, which means "great for the nobilityā€¯ for the ancient Longobars, suggests a program of important tables, that can comfortably accommodate eight people, and is based on the theme of conviviality. The ellipsoidal or circular shape and the four deep bevels characterize the top surface; the legs, in solid wood, support the top according to an organic logic of and concept continuity. Ademar is proposed in the version with marble top, oakwood, walnut and heat-treated oak.

Comfortably accommodates eight people

Organic logic of and concept continuity

Technical Info

Table with elliptical or round, available in white Carrara marble, oak, walnut or thermo-treated oak. Base your choice of oak or walnut. Table with ellipsoidal or round top available in white Carrara marble, oakwood, American walnut or heat-treated. Based in oakwood or American walnut.


Design By Giulio Iacchetti

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