An extensible dining table, boat-shaped, rectangular, organic or oval, made of natural stone with lifting mechanism for an integrated center-leaf made of natural stone. The integrated lifting mechanism allows the interior central leaf to be raised once the two halves of the table top have been pulled apart. An ingenious technique makes the extension a procedure of miraculous ease. This model is offered with 4 different bases.


Design By ADLER

Peter Draenert (1937-2005) studied philosophy, art history, German and philosophy at the University of Tübingen. PhD on Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843), one of the most eminent German poets. In 1965 Peter Draenert happened to find a slab from oil slate with fossils on a farm in the Swabian Mountains. He designed skids from polished stainless steel, because he wanted that table for himself. The very first Draenert-table, the model 1062 PRIMUS, was born and became a classics, because of its many ammonite inclusions, which point to an age of 180 million years. That table was the basis for many table-families that were developed later and which established the DRAENERT style. Philosophy; "A table must be more than just beautiful to look at. It is our responsibility as designer to give it a further dimension."