It is the first collection designed by Arch. Umberto Asnago which shows the creation of a product elegant and functional at the same time, with a strong characterization of the support of the working tops. It is called Avatar: a corner dedicated to the virtual community, to the place of meeting and discussion. A game of assemblies to creating the favorite office, many shapes and few rules: the typical refinement of the Company supports and mixes the deconstructed lines that gives life to an unusual shape. A game of symmetries and asymmetries that well integrates with the rest of the project, but especially maintains a perfect balance between the working top and the floor on which it stands. The creativity of Asnago excels in the craftsmanship of the Company that provides natural materials and of high quality to cover the finishes of the different models: saddle leather, leather and black walnut wood or ebony wood. The versatility character comes out in the several possible combinations for the working tops as well for the accessories, with the possibility to play with lateral extension, pedestals, doors. Avatar enhances the spaces making the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

Technical Info

AVATAR is available in several combinations that use two kind of materials: Saddle leather or leather. The saddle leather and leather are always applied to black melamine coated panels, of various thickness, in accordance with the use. Black walnut wood or similar ebony wood. These two woods are veneered to particleboard panels, of variable thickness, in accordance with the use. It is also available the inlay veneer with square opposite shape for the top of desk and for the doors. On request, the model is also available in any other wood finishing of the collection.



Umberto Asnago (1949), qualified from the school of Art of Cantù, begins the experience of designer with company Giorgetti SpA in 1968, of which he later assume the direction of the Research Centre. In 2006 he left the company Giorgetti and began his career of designer, combining the business of art director and designer for company Penta lighting. He also works with exhibitions’ mounting and retail in Italy and in the world. The experience developed in all these years, working with different typology of companies and with well-known architects and intellectual people make Umberto Asnago the right figure to professionally deal with the fast changes that characterize the furniture industry.