An Awe-Inspiring, Immediately Recognizable Piece Of Art

A base manufactured out of premium, varnished forged iron. A Murano glass ball available in numerous colors. Tempered glass with polished edges. The Impact 72 will literally make an impact on your memory with its awe-inspiring design and recognizable SECTIONSs.

Highly-Desired Dining Experience

Design That Mirrors Fantasy And Mystical Vibes

Technical Info

Base made of varnished forged iron. Murano glass ball available in blue or green. Top in tempered glass 19 mm th. With polished edges.


Design By Tulczinsky

In-House designer working for Reflex. Based on the island of Murano, Reflex has built a following in the luxury furniture market. Bearing groundbreaking concepts and working with only the most skilled Italian craftsman, Reflex has become a leader in contemporary design.