Combine your favourite material with matching colours for the frame and embroidery. With bold contrasts or restrained beauty. You can do it all with Adartne from Leolux: youthful and colourful design for an austere interior, as expressive as you want it to be.

Technical Info

Armchair, 2- and 2.5-seat sofa or footstool (2 sizes). Frame lacquered or in polished stainless steel. You gear the “Dashes” embroidery to the lacquer colour.


Design By Natalie Buijs

What is the most important aspect of seating? Natalie Buijs (1968) doesn’t need to think for long before arriving at an answer. Comfort is always the primary concern in her designs. The challenge is designing comfortable seating that looks good at the same time. For larger pieces of furniture, she keeps the basic shape very simple. If the proportions are right, the details make the difference. These were skills she honed during her course in Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology. After graduating in 1994, she worked on the product development of household appliances, followed by furniture.