Filled To The Brim With Anti Allergy Goose Feathers

A lovely modern piece. It’s anti allergy goose feathers make up the cushions ensuring absolute comfort. This powerhouse blends in with any room and controls it. Complemented with a metal frame creating a presence of energetic protection supported with intertwined elastic belts.

Extra Comfortable Polyurethane Foam

Energetically Protective Base

Technical Info

Corner sofa has a metal frame supported by intertwined elastic belts. The armrests are made of wood and expanded polyurethane foam covered with sterilized anti- allergy goose feathers. The seat and back cushions are made of expanded polyu- rethane foam covered with sterilized anti-allergy goose feathers. The feet are made of polished chrome or black-plated metal. The tables are made of metal covered with acrylic fibre.


Design By Stefano Conficconi

Stefano Conficconi is a forward thinker with luxury furniture. His vision has made international impact on the world of design. He has worked with numerous companies around the world to create extravagant pieces. He continuously pushes for the green movement in his manufacturing by cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.