KNP: question on the archetype of the sofa, reimagining nowadays techniques, to propose a new way to live, to rest, to love, to roll, to keep apart: to make a “nest”…. The ingredients of KNP. revive the base techniques of Arflex atelier: structure in Okumè wood, mattress in polyurethane for the comfort, wide andreversible covers, realized with zips endlessly. The wide and non standard shapes of the structures are covered with big bi-coloured cloths. The fabrics are technical, soft and sensual. Suggestions of freedom and feel good, of movement, manipulation and relaxation. Jean Nouvel imagines KNP funny, relaxing, generous. KNP is naturally multiform, reinvented by everyone with the game of overlapping the mattresses, with the set of the drape covers.

Technical Info

STRUCTURE : Black matt lacquered. UPHOLSTERY : Little mattress in differentiated density polyurethane together with hi-tech and non-slip fabric with Melaflex outline. ACCESSORY : reversible cover with zips.



Initially Jean Nouvel dreamed of becoming a painter, but in the end he chose architecture, for him “visual art, production and imagination”. Jean Nouvel is the last of the existentialists, black is his colour, cinema his inspiration. He is an architect of the present moment. Jean Nouvel opened his studio after graduating from the National School of Fine Art in Paris in 1972. His turning point arrived in 1981, when he won the competition for the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.