From the evolution of sofa Strips, we have “Pecorelle”, a version consisting of armchair and small sofa,where the body is positioned on thin black legs, that remember exactly the sheep. Arch.

small sofa

Cini Boeri tells that she was inspired by the works of Christo Vladimirov Javasev and Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon, masters in the the art of landscape painting. Nature prevails and becomes the inspiring muse of this new piece of design. “ Pecorelle have grown up and they have sailed for America! A nice record for some sheep……’s changing!” Cini Boeri 2010

Technical Info

BASE : Black lacquered metal. COVER : Fabric. Fully removable cover. Leather version not available. Fabric is combined with the polyester and cotton slip cover, in order to obtain a quilted cover.



She took her degree in the Polytechnic in Milan in 1951. She started her independent professional activity in 1963 (after a period of collaboration with Marco Zanuso) working in architecture and design. She designed houses, apartments and shops both in Italy and abroad, paying particular attention to the study of the functionality of the space in smaller house and the psychological relationships between man and environment. In the area of industrial design she concerned herself with furnishing elements and components for the building trade.Different examples of her achievements can be found in museums and international exhibitions and she has been awarded many prizes, among which, in 1979, a Compasso d’Oro. She runs courses in the Architecture faculty in the Polytechnic of Milan and holds conferences in the universities of various cities in the world. She has published, among others, “The human size of houses” (Milan, 1980).