Timeless enjoyment in a sofa that radiates richness and unsurpassable comfort? Ascana is an excellent choice.The elegant design forms the basis in which the connoisseur recognises the experienced hand of Axel Enthoven. He has created a range of sofas with soft, rounded lines, compact dimensions, high functionality and numerous comfort options that make Ascana just as comfortable for taller people as those who are not so tall. You can easily operate the adjustable seats using subtly concealed buttons.

Good Design

The version with head rests (plus) allows you to effortlessly vary the head rest between two heights and fine-tune your comfort by tilting it to your liking. And we also offer the matching footstool, as the icing on the cake, to support your feet.

extremely elegant

Leolux builds its legendary comfort on three cornerstones: knowledge, skill and the very best materials. This turns every Leolux sofa into an experience. Meet Ascana, the stylish proof that comfort is endlessly ongoing.

Technical Info

Available as a 2.5-seat or 3-seat sofa in the ‘Low’ or ‘Plus’ versions, and as a footstool.The ‘Low’ version has no head rests. The ‘Plus’ comes with head rests that you can adjust assisted by a gas spring. To fine-tune your comfort, tilt the head rest by pulling the top towards you.Ascana has electrically adjustable seats, which can be operated using the subtly concealed buttons on the outside of the armrest. You can adjust the seat depth continually to the maximum 10 cm. Using battery or mains power.The legs (as standard aluminium) and the bar (as standard Quartz) under the seat are optionally available in any Leolux epoxy colour or in the Leolux, RAL or Sikkens lacquers.
Comfort option: standard seat height, +2cm, -2 cm.Optionally available seats with pocket springs.


Design By Axel Enthoven

It all began in 1983 with Bora Bora. Then came Bora Bèta, Bella Bora (2008) and Bora Balanza (2016). The Bora series is still there.“In the early eighties, quality sofas were still ponderous and pompous. The level of comfort was in fact defined by wooden frames and large quantities of foam material. For the more modest among us, who elect to live on a smaller scale, that was of little use. The furniture took up too much space and, under the influence of the advancing modernism, more elegant models came into favour. Leolux asked me to come up with something thinner and lighter; in wood and with the famous ‘Leolux’ seating quality. That was a challenge I was happy to take on.”In everything Enthoven does, sustainability is his greatest driver. “Together with Leolux I was already developing sustainable products in the eighties. Back then we were way ahead of our time. I still prefer to work on products with a good story and a long lifetime. That probably has to do with the fact that I’m not really a furniture designer by nature; I’m a product designer. Functionality is the priority in all my designs. I am especially proud of the Bora series, the Bova bus, the Brussels tram and a little Samsonite suitcase called Focus. All designs that people can derive great pleasure from using for many years.”