Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is the definition of Broadway. A well designed combination of riseable headrests, reclining movements, sizing, and color options make this a technological masterpiece.

Shines With Everything That Makes Broadway Great

Technical Info

Broad way has a bearing structure with armrests and backrests made of pinewood, plywood, and conpannelli of class E1 wood particles. It has a II cormfortable seating and is supported by polypropylene elastic belts, fixed inside the frame. The padding plates has differentiated density and exists in polyurethane foam covered with polyester batting. Broad way constitutes back and fixed arms cushions and features an espalier with electric relax mechanism.


Design By Domenico Abbruzzese

Domenico Abbruzzese obtained his Bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Since then he has continued to grow his skills in design and style. His main styles include contemporary, traditional, and transitional. He is is truly a professional at designing luxury furniture.