Good furniture designs add something extra to an interior, but only the best manage to do this in an understated way. They impart that warm feeling of being at home - as though they’ve always been around. In Elias, Leolux has created a real showpiece. A handsome, deep sofa with slanting lines and ample finishes that come into their own in full grain leather or a beautiful woven fabric. The arms extend into the back, giving Elias that low-slung, elegant look, an image reinforced by little gems in the design: the decorative stitching along the armrest and the slender legs the sofa stands on. The deep seat is comfortable to sit on in its purest form, while for extra comfort Elias has two loose cushions that perfectly follow the rounding of your back. Leolux gives you a piece of furniture that has character, a piece that exudes a warm welcome.

Technical Info

Available as a 2.5-seat, 3-seat or 3.5-seat sofa with a matching footstool.Legs: Revo (aluminium) or Titan (Black Chrome).The width of the loose back cushions is dependent on the width of the sofa.Comfort options: seating height +2 cm, seating depth -2 cm


Design By Christian Werner

Christian Werner (1959, Berlin) pursued studies as an industrial designer in Berlin and Hamburg. He has been working as a freelance designer since 1992. Werner designs furniture, lighting and accessories for various well-known firms.'Emotion is the key driver for people, in every decision. I am convinced that consumers choose products they feel good with. You don’t buy a car if you don’t like it. No-one buys a car purely based on reason, just as little as colours or furniture. So refinement plays a significant role for me. I believe in the beauty of minimalism, but then – like an Australian artist once described it, and that appealed to me - “minimalism plus”. Otherwise it becomes dry engineering output. A little softness is needed as well. It is my task as designer to give people a product they feel good with, with which they can identify.'