Design Meets Function

Complete customization gives you the power with the Foster. Its elegant design combined with intelligent function gives you a great starting point.

Complete Functional Customization

Technical Info

Padding: Padding comprises of polyurethane foam. The cushions are made up of non-deforming polyurethane of different densities, coated with acrylic layer and 100% cotton lining. Structure: The frame comes in various kinds of wood and interwoven elastic webbing support covered and reinforced with polypropylene. Covers: Completely removable covers. Feet: Non-slip PVC feet. Features: Both back and armrest cushions come with manual relax mechanism.


Design By Vito Italia - Partner

For thirty years Albetra has been recognised as a guarantee of quality in the design and production of sofas and armchairs. The company is headquartered in the Province of Treviso in the north east of Italy and has taken both its tradition of ne craftwork and its passion for creativity and design from this stimulating and active land. In order to meet the needs of ever-changing tastes the company has developed and now manufactures an extensive range of products based on two basic divisions, their textile and leather furniture collections. The experience they have gained working with these materials enables Alberta to be proactive and continually develop new solutions. The company mission is to create original products which combine great looks with practicality and quality while ensuring the utmost respect for the environment.