Pure Harmony In Its Italian Craftsmanship

The Harmony is a completely unique design filled with artistic Italian craftsmanship. Pieces of the Harmony make you question how the designer made everything flow together so well.

Everything Flows Together So Well

Technical Info

The structure of these sectional sofas is made with solid wood and plywood. The seat spring features elastic straps designed in crisscross patterns. The manufacturer has used fixed framing for filling. The backrest is made with foams in variable density. As for the seat, it features polyurethane cushion. The frame looks elegant in its grain ribbon, across the perimeter. This feature emphasizes the shape. The inner frame and the seat feature embellishment of saddled cross stitching that projects elegance and style.


Design By Carlo Bimbi

For over 40 years, Carlo Bimbi has harnessed his early experience in industrial design to create some of the most innovative furniture designs on the market. Known for his ability to balance logic and creativity, Bimbi’s work is celebrated on an international level and has made its way into countless design museums and luxury homes.