Intelligently Crafted Leather

Crafted leather with stitching so crisp you’ll ask yourself where this couch has been all your life. Its very pillow size will shadow other pieces in comparison. Polyurethane foam protected with feather quilt guarantees that the feathers remain neatly and constantly in its original spot.

Crisp Stitching

Technical Info

Ben is made of a wooden frame structure that makes it much easier to maneuver. The structure constitues a belting supporting with differentiated elasticity and is covered with polyurethane foam. The padding has a non-deformable polyurethane dual density while the cover is made up of non-removable leather. The foot is reinforced with a non-visible plastic of 2cm thickness. Ben sofa is made from popular plywood and solid wood. The seat springing is criss-crossed with elastic straps. The fillings constitutes a density of 35kg/m3 that is polyurethane foamed covered with a feather quilt that is channeled in order to retain the feather neatness and ensure they remain constantly remain in place over time. The removable back cushion has a density of 22kg/m3. The outer perimeter is delineated by stylish embroidery while the feet is galvanized.


Design By Carlo Bimbi

For over 40 years, Carlo Bimbi has harnessed his early experience in industrial design to create some of the most innovative furniture designs on the market. Known for his ability to balance logic and creativity, Bimbi’s work is celebrated on an international level and has made its way into countless design museums and luxury homes.