offered in Italian Leather

leather, the natural product par excellence, is a high-quality material characterized by extraordinary properties of perspiration, resistance, softness, elasticity and comfort. The hides, of bovine nature and all of first choice, are selected in their places of origin and worked in tannery factories where they are directly controlled by the company to meet specific criteria of eco-compatibility.


Design By Vito italia Partner

Always in tune with the new trends of the most renowned and sought-after Italian design, with sober lines and compact volumes, Kermes positions itself as a leading company in the Italian furniture industry within the high quality seating market. Kermes was founded in the early 90s as a small workshop for upholstered furniture in both classic and modern style. The strategic choice to work with only high quality materials is the first of three important reasons for the rapid development of the business. The focus is on production processes and selective distribution.What has led the company to success is also to be found in the strategic management of President Domenico Losurdo, who with his staff of established collaborators and designers has created a unique style for Kermes; born by studying and interpreting the evolution of tastes and new lifestyles of modern consumers.