Everything That Luxury Stands For In One Piece

The Magritte iss blissful elegance. It’s breathtakingly customizable to adapt with any environment. Immediate attention tells you this was created by professionals to build its prodigious elegance.

Technical Info

The main backbone structure of the couches and armchairs have been made from authentic fir wood , pine ply, agglomerate parts and closing panels fabricated from hardboard. The wood and other raw materials used are from Europe and have been duly certified as environment friendly. visible metals are chromed. There is sufficient balance between the choice of padding and the springing of the elastic straps which further increases the comfort of the sofas. The straps are typically fitted at a 1.5 cm distance from each and there is a special tension meter that will guarantee uniformity on the surface. The cushions are made by POLILATEX which is a revolutionary type of micro cell foam that guarantees a return to


Design By Vito Italia & Partners

This Vito Italia partner Gorini has complete focus on every stitch. They have irresistible love for the craft of creating luxury furniture. Their design professionalism radiates through the tailored upholstery. The leathers, wood, foam, and yarn are the highest of quality.