Crafted With Serenity In Mind

Slim. Chic. Intelligently crafted. Mechanical. The Rigoletto is built from the ground up with serenity in mind. Mechanical functionality is built inside out, shown by the raisable and lowerable headrests. This luxurious piece of furniture is everything you could want in a slim piece of perfection.

The Definition Of Slim

Technical Info

Modular sofa has been provided with an adjustable back mechanism. The back cushion is held with polyurethane foam and a layer of acrylic bers. The wooden frame is supported by intertwined elastic belts. The seat cushions are held with polyurethane foam that is covered with anti-allergy goose feathers. The backrest pillows are held with anti-allergy goose feathers. The base is available in chrome-plated or black nickel coloured metal.


Design By Stefano Conficconi

Stefano Conficconi is a forward thinker with luxury furniture. His vision has made international impact on the world of design. He has worked with numerous companies around the world to create extravagant pieces. He continuously pushes for the green movement in his manufacturing by cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.